Intelligent Ethanol Fireplace

Ethanol Fireplace is an environmentally friendly fashion emission-free fireplace [Production can be customized ].Because fireplace fuel combustion smokeless, odorless, non-toxic and does not require any utilities (wood, gas, coal, electricity) aspects of the fuel supply.


This makes it suitable for any architectural environment (Hall, hotels, villas, apartments, offices, residential and other environments). Because it uses a renewable fuel modern energy (ethanol), clean burning, so it is almost maintenance-free. Meanwhile Art Ethanol fireplace has significant design flexibility, its design style more in line with the consumer fireplace function and appearance of individual needs.

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Secure bioethanol insert fireplace with remote controlled electronic ignition
How to Install and Use Art intelligent ethanol fireplaces?

The Structure and Design of Art Ethanol Burner:

All our products come with 1 handset and 1 power adaptor amd Spare parts, beautiful and it is also secure, equiped with a lot of detectors: level, C0², heat sensors,shake sensors etc. Moreover you don’t need to ignite it with a lighter or matches, just press on a button or a remote controller.

Mankind dreaming in front of your fireplace becomes imaginative. The fire gives you a future, a consciousness, a spark of heavenly blaze.

Fire is an extraordinary element of friendly. Provide a line of fire of more than a metre long is a real asset to designers or individuals wishing to create a unique atmosphere, a new fire concept ! Fire is intimate and universal, fire is ultra-alive!
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