Single Color Vapor Fireplace

Water vapor fireplaces contain an evaporator, a reservoir, a lamp, and a heater. Here’s a closer look at these components: Evaporator – is what creates the ultra-fine mist in the fireplace. Once the unit is turned on, this is where the water will flow. At that point, it begins the evaporation process that produces the mist that you can feel if you place your hand above the fireplace. Reservoir – contains water, which is a crucial ingredient for the fireplace. Once the unit is powered up, it moves from the reservoir to the evaporator. Lamp – reflects light onto the mist that creates the illusion of fire. The lamp also allows the mist to rise, driving an essential function as mist tends to settle. Heater – radiates heat within the room. The only component that performs this function, as everything mentioned above serves to create the image of the flame.

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