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BUBBLE WALL & FLOOR FREESTANDING INTELLIGENT ETHANOL FIREPLACE Bubble Wall & Floor is an intelligent bioethanol fireplace. This round fire pit is a new concept of a freestanding fireplace, going above the traditional vision of an indoor fire. Aside from its eye-catching design, we made sure to equip Bubble Wall & Floor with all existing safety solutions for ethanol-fuelled products. ★ NO FLUE ★ REMOTE CONTROL ★ SAFETY SENSORS ★ DEDICATED CASING ★ INDOOR USE ONLY
★ Automatic ethanol fireplace extinction or ignition ordered by electric board and a Button ON/OFF and remote control. ★ Material in stainless and MDF. ★ Separately bio-ethanol tank and burning hearth. ★ Co2 Safety infrared detector which stops the fire in the event of reaching un-authorized levels. ★ Automatic electric pump to fill the burner. ★ With electronic heat detectors, it will automatic extinction when the temperature reaching the un-authorized levels. ★ AC charger or battery charger with battery loader. ★ Child Lock Function. ★ With Audio Effect.
★ Square Ethanol Fireplace Indoor Use With Remote Controller Model AS50 ★ Adapter:12 V / 100-240 V (50-60 Hz) Output: 27 500 W ★ Tank capacity: 12.5 L Net Weight: 23.50 KG ★ Consumption: 1.1 liter/hour ★ Dimensions: 50 / 50 / 21.5 cm (19.70 / 19.70 / 8.39 in) ★ Remote Control: Yes ★ Warranty: 3 Years ★ Certificates: CE/FCC/IC
★ Round Ethanol Burner Fire Place With Remote
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