Add a high-end fireplace to your home - hanging ethanol fireplace

A fireplace can be a fantastic addition to a home. With new design elements gaining popularity, it’s no problem to find a fireplace that not only fits your budget but also blends seamlessly into your decor. Of course, with so many designs, it can be not easy to know where to start, so it’s important to evaluate your needs. In this way, you can be sure of making an investment that will make you happy and keep you warm and cozy for years to come.

Add a high-end fireplace to your home - hanging ethanol fireplace 1

Not only does a contemporary fireplace instantly become a breathtaking focal point for any room, but with new advances in energy efficiency, they have never been so cost-effective. Many people are choosing to go with direct-vent fireplaces, or have direct-vent inserts placed in their existing fireplaces. These direct vents remove the combustible elements of fire while still retaining warmth and radiating heat. They are a great, eco-friendly way to get the most out of your fireplace. The best part is, they work with just about any design!

If you’ve been looking for a commanding way to update any room in your home, a new fireplace is a fantastic place to start. They aren’t just for living rooms anymore, either. It’s becoming quite popular to have fireplaces in the kitchen, the bedroom, and even home offices. Really, a fireplace will work in any space you spend a lot of time living in.

Add a high-end fireplace to your home - hanging ethanol fireplace 2

Update on hanging ethanol fireplace

For a modern twist on traditional style, look no further than this gorgeous hearth. With a shape reminiscent of the old-world wood-burning stoves, but with a sleekness that is as contemporary as it gets, this fireplace is a perfect complement to any home decor. In a minimalist home such as this one, the black and white stand in stark contrast with each other, but the cozy fire and the warmth it suggests keep the surroundings from seeming too harsh. This is a timeless design that will make any house feel like a lovingly curated home.

Add a high-end fireplace to your home - hanging ethanol fireplace 3

The new metal material structure pipe is equipped with multiple expansion screws on the top to connect with the roof, it is stable and safe to form a stable structure with the ethanol fireplace below without too much damage to the house, and there is no need to worry about bearing or collapse.

There is no need to worry that the roof will be blackened. Alcohol is a natural, pollution-free, and renewable energy source, and the top of the pipe is designed with a sealing mouth, which will not blacken the roof. The full-body black design can also be placed beside the swimming pool or in the open area of the home, adding a touch of high-end and simple style to the home.

The height of the pipe can be carefully customized to make it easier to ignite the flame and illuminate a space.

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More FAQ : 

  • What is a hanging ethanol fireplace?

A hanging ethanol fireplace is a type of fireplace that uses bioethanol fuel to create flames that are contained within a hanging unit that can be mounted on a wall. These fireplaces typically require no venting and produce no smoke, making them a great option for homes without a traditional chimney.


  • What are the benefits of a hanging ethanol fireplace?

There are several benefits to choosing a hanging ethanol fireplace. They are easy to install, require no venting, and produce no smoke, so they can be placed in a variety of locations throughout your home. They also provide a sleek, modern look that can enhance the overall aesthetic of your space.


  • How do you install a hanging ethanol fireplace?

Hanging ethanol fireplaces typically come with mounting hardware that allows them to be securely attached to a wall. Some models may require additional support, such as a steel plate or bracket, to ensure that they are properly anchored. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to ensure that the fireplace is installed safely and securely.


  • What kind of maintenance do hanging ethanol fireplaces require?

Hanging ethanol fireplaces are relatively low maintenance. You will need to periodically refill the bioethanol fuel and clean the unit to remove any buildup of soot or debris. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and maintenance to ensure that the fireplace continues to operate safely and effectively.


  • Are hanging ethanol fireplaces safe?

When installed and operated according to the manufacturer's instructions, hanging ethanol fireplaces are generally considered safe. However, it is important to exercise caution when handling bioethanol fuel, as it is highly flammable. It is also important to keep the fireplace out of reach of children and pets and to ensure that it is securely mounted to the wall.


  • What is the cost of a hanging ethanol fireplace?


The cost of a hanging ethanol fireplace can vary depending on the size and style of the unit. Prices typically range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars for high-end models. In addition to the cost of the fireplace itself, you will also need to factor in the cost of bioethanol fuel, which typically costs around $5-$10 per liter.


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