Benefits Of Flame Controlled Ethanol Fireplaces

Ethanol fireplaces are a relatively new type of fireplace that is maintenance-free, environmentally friendly, and can be used without the need for a chimney, saving on installation costs. These fireplaces are easy to set up and use by simply adding bio-ethanol fuel to the burner and igniting the fuel with an electric lighter. Find out more about the benefits of new flame controlled ethanol fireplaces here.

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Instead of relying on wood, natural gas, or propane for fuel, ethanol fireplaces use clean-burning ethanol or bioethanol. This fuel is an alcohol derived from the fermentation of sugars that is commonly made from industrialized crops, like corn, wheat, and sugar cane. It can also come from forestry byproducts, like wood pulp and sawdust. The wide variety of sources makes this fuel inexpensive and plentiful, but it is also renewable and biodegradable.

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However, ethanol fireplaces aren't just becoming popular due to the environmentally friendly fuel. They are also have a ventless design, which means that they do not need a working chimney or vent system. This is because when bioethanol is burned it doesn't produce smoke. Instead it releases a little bit of carbon dioxide and water as a byproduct, making ethanol fireplaces essentially maintenance-free. Simply set up the fireplace in a safe, well-ventilated location, add the bioethanol fuel to the burner, and light the fuel with a suitable lighter.

In theory, the ethanol fuel burns completely, leaving only water and a small amount of carbon dioxide, but according to the Fraudster Institute for Wood Research the reality is different. The ethanol does not burn out completely. Instead, when you burn this fuel it can produce small amounts of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, benzene, and other organic compounds, nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde, and ultrafine combustion particles. To use these fireplaces safely, it's important that the space is well-ventilated to prevent these byproducts from building up and affecting the air quality of the home.

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Ethanol fireplaces offer an environmentally friendly, low-cost fuel that can be used in place of more costly options, like propane or natural gas. Additionally, ethanol fireplaces do not require the installation of a chimney, so the overall cost is significantly lower.These fireplaces are also portable, making it easier to enjoy the ambience and warmth of the fire in almost any room of the home.

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The beauty of ethanol (or biofuel) fireplaces, is that 100% of the heat generated, stays in your room! Absolutely NO heat loss, resulting in a 100% efficient and all-around green product to help keep your home or business warm! Most of ArtFireplace Electric Ethanol Fires are also remote controlled, which allows you to control the heat output of your fireplace! Something that can not be performed with wood, gas, or electric products, and most other ethanol fireplace manufacturers. Using patented technology, you can rest assured that your fireplace will be efficient for years to come!

With Flame Regulated Fire Models, with different outputs, the ethanol fires can be suitable for different spaces.

The fireplaces have different flame heights: High Flame, Medium Flame, and Low Flame total of 3 stages of Flames. With Different heights, people can use it easily.

Flame Controlled Ethanol Fireplace also decouples flame from heat, so you can have the visual appeal of the flame without heat - so a fire can be enjoyed all year long and is safe than any ethanol fires, so you eliminate the liability. When your guest wants to take the chill off, supplemental heat is available at the push of a button, or we have the option to disable heat on installation.

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