Decoration Manual Ethanol Burner 1
3d model
Decoration Manual Ethanol Burner 2
Decoration Manual Ethanol Burner 3
Decoration Manual Ethanol Burner 4
Decoration Manual Ethanol Burner 5
Decoration Manual Ethanol Burner 1
3d model
Decoration Manual Ethanol Burner 2
Decoration Manual Ethanol Burner 3
Decoration Manual Ethanol Burner 4
Decoration Manual Ethanol Burner 5

Decoration Manual Ethanol Burner

Art Fireplace Technology Limited is A Professional automatic / manual insert ventless bioethanol fireplaces and 3D water steam fires manufacture From China.We are factory with more than 10 years experience 100% export.

Art Fireplace Prefessional Engineers Team with more than 7 years working experience To confirm the Production and Packaging served more than 10000 Clients.

We are obliged to Supply High-Tech and High-Technology Intelligent fires for worldwide customers.

★ Stainless Steel 304 with 3mm Thickness

★ Manual Ignition and Shut Off.

★ Highest Top Finish

★ Easy To Install And Operate


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    Brand: ArtFireplace
    Product origin: China
    Delivery time: 7-10 days
    Supply capacity: 100units/Month

    Manual Ethanol Fire Model : AFM100

    Size: L:50cm W:18cm H:12cm

    Weight: 10.00kg

    Capacity: 5Liter

    Consumption: 0.6 /H

    Fuel: 95% Bioethanol

    Usage: Indoor&Outdoor

    Manual Ethanol Fire Mode : AFM100

    Size: L:100cm W:18cm  H:12cm

    Weight: 18.00kg

    Capacity: 8Liter


    Fuel: 95% Bioethanol

    Usage: Indoor&Outdoor

    Our mechanical combustion blocks allow a simplified and uncompromising integration. They ensure the longest possible combustion time and always natural golden flames, the most beautiful on the market. 

    We guarantee that our technology is the safest solution in the industry from fireplace to ethanol. The flame has no direct contact with the bio-ethanol storage area.

    Any Customized sizes are available


    Top Reasons For Working With ArtFireplace

    The target market of our brand has been continuously developed over the years.

    Now, we want to expand the international market and confidently push our brand to the world.


    Our in-house designers and engineers have

    produced countless great designs for

    customers from different industries


    Choose us. and we promise to do everything

    needed to ensure a successful and

    satisfactory working partnership


    We boast offering unmatched, cost-effective

    manufacture that caters to the diverse needs

    of this dynamic industry.


    Customers choose us because we provide

    leading technology, deliver unmatched

    products and services

    1Q: What do you offer?

    A: Art Fireplace Technology Limited. is focusing in intelligent steel Ethanol Fireplaces /Fire pits/ Electronic 3d Water Vapor Burners for decoration. Any customized models are available.

    2Q: How about sample order?

    A: We accept sample order before production, it's an necessary step before moving to successful cooperation, do not hesitate to contact with us for that.

    3Q: Where can I purchase one and how much does it cost?

    A: Art Fireplace distributes its products in more than 100 countries and delivers to anywhere in the world. To find out where to purchase an Art Fireplace or insert, please fill in the form you can find on the contact page. An Art Fireplace agent will answer you by email within 24 hours along with a catalog and prices.

    If your request is more precise and includes one or more particular models, do not hesitate to mention them on the contact form. We will then send you the specific technical description of that product, an installation diagram with the measurements to be respected as well as an estimate including delivery costs..

    Just leave your email or phone number in the contact form so we can send you a free quote for our wide range of designs
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