Ignite Your Imagination With An Electric Fireplace

If you are looking for an efficient and economical fireplace, Electric ethanol and Water fireplaces will turn out to be the best choice for you. They are 100% environmentally friendly and have better longevity in comparison to other fireplaces.

Ignite Your Imagination With An Electric Fireplace 1

ls known as an ethanol heater, gel fuel fireplace, bio flame fireplace, ethanol burner, or biofuel fireplace, the structure of an ethanol fireplace is comprised of stainless steel made from an efficient burner tray, top-quality protective screen, and cover or cowling. Carbon dioxide, steam, and heat are the only combustion by products of heaters, meaning there is no requirement for outdoor ventilation or a flue. 

Ignite Your Imagination With An Electric Fireplace 2MODERN DESIGN

Adding an ethanol fireplace to your home is a great way of adding class and character to your home without being outrageously expensive. In many cases, the types of ethanol fireplaces on the market are so varied and ornate, you're bound to find the perfect one that suits your home.


We all know that fireplaces can be great sources of heat. Traditional fireplaces that use wood logs have been around for a long time and have served as the primary source of heat for many households.

Fortunately, there is a new alternative that is less heavy to breathe in, has fewer emissions that release into the air and degrade air quality, and also is a good heat source.


If you’re looking for a clean and sustainable way to heat your home, bio-ethanol heaters serve as a great alternative means of doing so. Since we only have one planet earth, we want to take care of her as much as possible.

By making the switch to ethanol fireplaces from the log burning ones, you’re already doing a great deal of good for the environment.


One of the greatest benefits of investing in an ethanol fireplace is Absolutely no installation fees.

Most of the units are likely to be independent and can rest on the floor, on a table, etc. without having to be inserted into a wall or embedded anywhere (although, those options do exist). Therefore, all you’re really paying for is the fireplace unit and some fuel and you’re good to go!

Ignite Your Imagination With An Electric Fireplace 3 To use a water vapor fireplace, all you need is water and electricity. Simply fill the reservoir with water and turn on the unit. The heating element will then convert the water into steam, which is circulated through the room by a fan.

Ignite Your Imagination With An Electric Fireplace 4You can adjust the amount of steam produced by changing the speed of fans in the reservoir. One of the great things about water vapor fireplaces is that they can be used in any room in your house.  Whether you want to add a touch of warmth to your living room or bedroom, these units are up to the task.

Ignite Your Imagination With An Electric Fireplace 5 Revolutionary Technology.

The flame and smoke effect is created using ultrasonic waves which atomize water to create an extremely fine mist. This is not steam since the water is at room temperature and, therefore the “flames” are safe to touch. As the mist is so fine it does not add significantly to the humidity of the room.

Realistic Fire Effect

After much testing, Art-Fireplace has fine-tuned the ultrasonic transducer to produce the most realistic flame and smoke effect possible.

Special Effect Lighting

The light bulbs have two functions in an Opti-myst fire. The heat produced enables the water mist to rise up through gaps in the log fuel bed in a flame like manner. They also illuminate the water mist with the orange glow of a real fire. These bulbs are diachronic, enabling an accurate representation of flame-like colour.

Easy to Clean

It is recommended to use filtered water in Opti-myst fires. If tap water is used, a build-up of limescale can seriously hinder the production of flame and smoke effect. However, if a build-up of limescale does occur, the plastic materials used have a highly polished finish to ensure easier cleaning and removal of limescale.   The sump can even be placed in a dishwasher. For added peace of mind, an anti-microbial substance has been added into the plastic material used in Opti-myst fires.

Ignite Your Imagination With An Electric Fireplace 6

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