New Multiple Color 3D Water Mist Fireplace

New Multiple Color 3D Water Mist Fireplace 1

ArtFireplace Water Vapor Fireplace is a ventless fireplace with 3-dimensional, realistic flames that you can touch without burning your hand. The flame illusion is created with the help of fine water mist and LED lights that reflect off of it. These fireplaces don’t require fuel and are also totally green. Since only water mist is produced, there is no toxic emissions of carbon dioxide nor does it produce soot. Because of that, they don’t require a lot of maintenance and are easy to install. In addition, the water vapor fireplaces don’t produce any heat and can be used even when it’s hot outside.

New Multiple Color 3D Water Mist Fireplace 2

Even though their general principle remains the same, there are many types of water vapor artificial fireplaces. Entry level models are affordable and are a good value. If you are willing to pay a little more, of course, you can get better overall quality and improved design and realism. You can find different models of water vapor fireplaces online on Art-fireplace. I have to admit that I really like their design and the realistic look of the artificial flames and logs.

New Multiple Color 3D Water Mist Fireplace 3


Flame imitation is so realistic, you’ll be surprised to learn you can actually touch this “fire".

New Multiple Color 3D Water Mist Fireplace 4

The newest technology manages to create an extremely realistic flame look without a real fire. Water vapor fireplaces run on water and electricity. It uses tap water to emit fine mist into the air. LED lights get reflected by the mist creating a realistic 3-dimensional illusion of flame and smoke.

New Multiple Color 3D Water Mist Fireplace 5

All you need to do is plug them into a standard household outlet (or hard-wire), add water (or connect to a water line) to the tank and enjoy!Enjoy the ambiance, warmth, and the crackling sound of fire without the worry that children, pets, or your "spirited" friends run into it.

New Multiple Color 3D Water Mist Fireplace 6

Completely Safe And Eco-friendly Fireplace A completely safe and eco-friendly fireplace with “real” flames. The Art-Fire line of the Art-Fireplace water vapor fireplace inserts with natural cool orange flames and Unlimited color flames offers a new fire experience. The experience of a contemporary fireplace that is perfectly adapted to the modern, eco-friendly lifestyle and urban housing constraints.

A 3D water mist fireplace is an innovative home decor item that creates the illusion of a fire using heated water vapor instead of real flames. This type of fireplace is considered safer than traditional fireplaces and provides a unique, modern look for any home. 

New Multiple Color 3D Water Mist Fireplace 7

Advantages of a 3D water vapor fireplace include:

★ Safe: No real fire is involved, reducing the risk of fire hazards.

★ Eco-Friendly: Produces no emissions, ash, or soot.

★ Easy to Install: No chimney, venting, or fuel line required.

★Versatile: Can be placed anywhere and doesn't require a traditional fireplace setup.

★Energy Efficient: Uses less energy compared to traditional fireplaces.

New Multiple Color 3D Water Mist Fireplace 8


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3D Water Vapor Fireplace AFW120 With APP

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