The ultimate in design freedom with An Ethanol Fire For you

The ultimate in design freedom with An Ethanol Fire For you

The ultimate in design freedom with An Ethanol Fire For you 1

With our clean-burning bio ethanol burner you can create a unique atmosphere with superior comfort & design. An ethanol burner gives your imagination the freedom to complement any living space.

From fabulous foundations, you enjoy the freedom to build beyond the boundaries. Ethanol fireplaces are the perfect way to connect your spaces, room to room or outdoor to indoor.

The ultimate in design freedom with An Ethanol Fire For you 2Ethanol fireplace, inserts are efficient and easy to use, giving you a cozy fire at the flip of a switch. Simplify your life with the ease and beauty of an indoor Ethanol fireplace. Gather family and friends in front of bold flames and striking designs from traditional to modern and single-sided to see-through models. Restore the focal point of your home with an Ethanol fireplace insert.

The ultimate in design freedom with An Ethanol Fire For you 3Ethanol is pure alcohol. It’s also known as bioethanol, ethyl alcohol, and ‘bio fuel’, and is a ‘green fuel’ made from renewable sources. It’s grain alcohol made by fermenting the sugar and starch components of plant by-products like sugarcane, corn, and grain. One of the key benefits of using ethanol as a fuel is that it burns very cleanly, producing only heat, water vapor, and carbon dioxide – no harmful gases, soot, or sparks. It means that ethanol fireplaces can be installed without a vent or flue – and they can be installed in many locations where it would be impossible to have a wood-burning fireplace.

The ultimate in design freedom with An Ethanol Fire For you 4Choosing an ethanol-burning fireplace over a traditional fireplace has a huge number of advantages – not least being design flexibility, eco-friendly credentials, and ease of use. Ethanol fireplaces don’t emit the same by-products that come from burning wood – making them safer than wood-burning stoves. The 3 by-products they produce are water, heat, and carbon dioxide, which has no trace amount of emissions. It makes your home – or commercial space – safer than if you were burning wood.

The ultimate in design freedom with An Ethanol Fire For you 5From built-in ethanol fireplaces to freestanding, portable fires, the beauty of this type of fireplace is the flexibility or, as Stephane Thomas describes it, “design and installation freedom”.It’s also helped us finesse and evolve our own ranges and also introduce new models and series that meet demand and further underscore their versatility, which provides the ultimate in design freedom.”

The ultimate in design freedom with An Ethanol Fire For you 6

It is obvious that There are so many benefits of ethanol fireplaces. These characteristics are the framework of the Intelligent Ethanol Fireplace remote ignition design bio ethanol burner inserts and designer fireplaces. But intelligent fires may have more benefits than normal ethanol fires. Art Fireplace Intelligent ethanol fire also has the following features:

1. Intelligent ethanol fire is healthier while generating heat.

To generate heat, Intelligent Ethanol Fire burns fuel. Intelligent Ethanol Fire work just like most types of wood-burning fireplaces. The only difference here is that ethanol does not produce smoke and carbon dioxide as the wood fireplace. In fact, an average size ethanol fireplace produces very little amount of carbon dioxide that you do not need to install a chimney or flue when using this type of fireplace.

2. Intelligent ethanol fire makes installation easier.

To function well, Intelligent Ethanol Fire needs to have an enclosure to house the fire source and a fuel tank to hold the ethanol. Intelligent Ethanol Fire can be stationary or portable. Most types of stationary Intelligent Ethanol Fire are mounted against the walls while portable Intelligent Ethanol Fire look more like small stoves with enclosures to house the fire.

3. Security

Ethanol is a highly combustible substance so it is very important to keep the fuel tank of the fireplace tightly closed at all times. Therefore, intelligent ethanol fire is safer than traditional fireplaces.

The ultimate in design freedom with An Ethanol Fire For you 7

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