Different Designs With Ethanol Fires

Due to the reduced level of harmful byproducts that are produced when ethanol burns, it is currently believed to be safe for indoor use. In short, no venting is needed for a Bioethanol Fireplace, although the room should be adequately ventilated to allow fresh air to circulate. Additionally, since the ethanol is poured into a reservoir, there are no fuel supply lines needed. The combination of these two elements allows a Bioethanol Fireplace to be remarkably easy to install and highly versatile.

Different Designs with Bioethanol Fireplace

When shopping for a Bioethanol Fireplace, you will quickly discover that there are three main types: wall mounted, freestanding, and tabletop.

Wall mounted: A wall-mounted ethanol fireplace is built into the wall, so it becomes a permanent fixture in the room. These models may feature remote ignition and will house several burners that are capable of adding a significant amount of heat to the area. The maximum burn time will vary depending on the size of the reservoir.

Different Designs With Ethanol Fires 1

Freestanding: This massive unit sits flush against a wall to give the illusion that it is built into the house. Often this type of an ethanol fireplace has a more classic style with the top mantle being fully functional. A freestanding ethanol fireplace may feature a remote start and several burners.

Different Designs With Ethanol Fires 2

Tabletop: This smaller, more portable type of bioethanol fireplace usually only features one burner, it doesn't hold much fuel so it has a much shorter burn time, and it probably will not have a remote. This modern item will have glass panels to keep people from getting too close to the open flame. Additionally, a tabletop ethanol fireplace offers a 360-degree unobstructed view of the flame.

Different Designs With Ethanol Fires 3

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