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Today, there are many different types of ethanol fireplace on the market. The best kind to buy is the one that is safe, intelligent, clean burning and produces minimal smoke and odor. However, not all ethanol fires is created to be used for home decor so it's important to know what you're buying before you the fireplace into your fire space to avoid any potential issues.

In this guide, we'll discuss the benefits of installing an ethanol fireplace in your home, how to choose the right model and installation company, and introduce you a manufacturer who focus on intelligent fireplaces for many years.


1 What is an Ethanol Fireplace?

The origin of the fireplace can be traced back to the time when humans first moved into the cave and used the "fire pond" for lighting, heating, and barbecue food. With the development of productivity, the three functions of lighting, heating, and grilling food gradually evolved and separated. The fireplace has become a dedicated heating device: the development of the times has brought new changes to the fireplace. In terms of form, the fireplace is derived from the traditional wood-burning fireplace, gas fireplace, charcoal fireplace, etc., and then a new category: electric fireplace. The electric fireplace is based on European classical fireplace production technology and modern sound and optics principles, which greatly improves the design of traditional fireplaces, and creates green environmental protection and a more intense real wood burning effect without losing elegance. Electronic fireplace size reference standard. With all the amazing tech available, the Most Realistic Electric Fireplace is an Electric ethanol fireplace, it uses bioethanol to produce heat and flames. 

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2 Are ethanol fireplace inserts safe?

Also known as Gel Fireplaces, ethanol fireplaces are safer for consumer use. Always follow manufacturer' s guide lines for proper use.Bio-Ethanol Fire Fuel is made from renewable plant resources, emits no soot or ashes, and the bottle is equipped with a special valve insert to prevent spillage.

The most important fact is that the ethanol fireplace use seperate ethanol tank as the fuel srorage. It is vasiable.Art Fireplace products are equiped with CO2 Sensors, Heat Sensors, Shake Sensors, Leak Sensors and other sensors.So it is completely safe and intelligent.


3 What is an ethanol fireplace insert?

Deco flame Freestanding insert ethanol fireplace If you love the idea of a fireplace but want to have total control over the look, size, and design, then you may want to consider an ethanol fireplace insert. Regular ethanol fireplaces are typically standalone units that can be used right after they’re set up. In contrast, fireplace inserts are usually installed into a custom surround.  Apart from this one differentiating factor, ethanol fireplace inserts boast the same benefits as any other type of ventless fireplace. You’ll enjoy easy setup and installation, an affordable and renewable fuel source, and zero emissions other than water and nominal amounts of carbon dioxide.

No costly gas lines or ongoing chimney maintenance. No messy ashes, soot, or logs to tidy up. No vents or flues to install. No smoke marks to clean off the walls. Just clean-burning fuel that will help you create a warm and inviting atmosphere anywhere you install your insert.  The number one benefit of ethanol fireplace inserts is the flexibility they provide. You can actually use a fireplace insert without a surround – for example, if you’re retrofitting an existing fireplace. We carry zero-clearance fireplace inserts that allow you to simply insert your fireplace into a standard building frame or fireplace with no additional construction needed. But many people will design a surround that matches their décor or furniture. 

For example, you can use fireplace inserts to serve as a divider between two rooms, like a master bath and bedroom. Or you can insert your fireplace into a piece of furniture, such as a wall-mounted entertainment unit or even a coffee table. The ideas are truly endless – create a frame of fire around a bathtub, or cut an alcove into a hallway for a panel of heat and light as you move between spaces. 

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4 Why use an ethanol fireplace?

Tradition Fireplaces use Wood Burning Fireplaces to release carcinogens and harmful gases, such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Breathing in these fumes can be dangerous for your family and pets. Even if you switch to dry logs that produce more heat and less smoke, they will still produce harmful fumes, reducing your home air quality. However, the emission from electric fireplaces is zero, and there is no harmful by-product.

Ethanol Fireplace requires no chimney as it does not give off soot or produce ashes. It has a burner that can come in different shapes and dimensions. The burner is the container that contains bioethanol. When lit up, water, heat, and carbon dioxide are released into the room. Because installing a chimney costs a lot and requires so much work and expertise, many homeowners have opted for the ethanol fireplace. It uses bioethanol and as such emits no smoke and produces no ashes. The flames are clean so it requires no vent. It emits no dangerous particles. The emissions are water, heat, and a small amount of carbon dioxide. The amount of carbon dioxide produced is safe and is similar to that produced by 2 candles. This is very eco-friendly as the carbon dioxide is released back into the environment and is used by plants for photosynthesis.


5 What is a Manual Bioethanol Burner?

The alcohol fireplace is a kind of ventless fireplace, which uses biomass ethanol alcohol as a fuel source. You can use many types of such appliances indoors and outdoors. Since they do not require chimneys or gas pipes, these convenient devices can be moved to any place you want. Using an alcohol fireplace indoors or outdoors is as easy as lighting a match. Alcohol fireplace appliances are generally quite safe, but it is also important to use fireplaces and store fuel as directed.

Benefits of a Manual Bioethanol Burner

1.No power or cables are required and they can be mounted everywhere. Manual bioethanol burners and fireplaces can be installed and placed freely, because they do not require any power or other cable connection, nor does it need a chimney, vent, or flue. The only factor to consider is which size you want the burner to have. However, you, of course, still need to be aware of general fire hazards and safety distances. You can read about safety distances in our guide on the subject.

2. Manual bioethanol burners are cheap Bioethanol fires have existed for some years, with the manufacturers continuously optimizing the production costs. Furthermore, manual burners do not require any digital technology, and this means that the prices of manual bio-fireplaces are quite low at this point.

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6 Are ethanol fireplaces any good?

Electric ethanol fireplace uses bioethanol to produce heat and flames. It requires no chimney as it does not give off soot or make ashes. It has a burner that can come in different shapes and dimensions. The burner is the container that contains bioethanol. When lit up, water, heat, and carbon dioxide are released into the room.

Electric ethanol fireplace Pros:

1. They do not require a flue:

Because installing a chimney costs a lot and requires so much work and expertise, many homeowners have opted for the ethanol fireplace. It uses bioethanol and as such emits no smoke and produces no ashes. The flames are clean so it requires no vent. It emits no dangerous particles. The emissions are water, heat, and a small amount of carbon dioxide. The amount of carbon dioxide produced is safe and is similar to that produced by 2 candles. This is very eco-friendly as the carbon dioxide is released back into the environment and is used by plants for photosynthesis.

2. It produces real flames:

The ethanol fireplace has become a significant preference in many homes because it produces real flames that move slowly as they burn. An ethanol fireplace produces about 2-3 kW which is a good amount of heat. Since there is no flue, there is also no heat loss. This means the heat produced is distributed evenly around the home.

3. Easy installation and usage:

Installing an ethanol fireplace doesn't require some great form of expertise. It is very easy to install. You can even install it yourself after you have gone through the installation processes well. Therefore it comes with no stress. It is also very easy to do. You simply mount the freestanding model. The built-in ones are also very easy to install. It is also very easy to use as you only need to light the fire using a lighter. They can be installed anywhere from the bedroom, bathroom, and living ra room to the dining room and patio. The tabletop ethanol fireplaces are convenient for outdoor uses as they can easily be moved from one place to another.

4. Remote Control And Manual Button Control:

Electric Ethanol Fireplace is easier to be operated via Remote Control And Manual Button Control. People just Press on a button, then enjoy the fire easily. No need a lighter , just press a remote control.

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7 How does the fireplace work?

The first time you witness an electric water vapor fireplace or steam fireplace, you really can’t believe your eyes. It’s incredible: the flames are cold yet seem perfectly real. You can even adjust their speeds, heights, and colors. They’re made up of very fine plumes of water vapor lit by LEDs. You can touch them and run your fingers through them. You can even adjust the color with your smartphone's built-in water vapor fireplace to create colorful flames that are red, blue, green, etc.  Go ahead and press the remote control of your steam fireplace. These ecological and environmentally friendly flames are magical and don’t create any humidity or condensation!

The water vapor fireplaces have colorful cold flames that are cool to the touch. Ultrafine cold flames water vapor fireplace with no danger or constraints. Water Vapor Fireplace is a ventless fireplace with 3-dimensional realistic flames that you can touch without burning your hand. The flame illusion is created with the help of fine water mist and LED lights that reflect off of it. It presents no danger so there’s no need to worry. A water vapor fireplace can be installed anywhere, either in a city apartment or a country house; there are no constraints. The ultrafine dry smoke produces spectacular water vapor fire!

8 How do ethanol fireplaces work?

Well, now you know that bioethanol is a highly efficient fuel, but where does it come from? What does this fuel look like, and how do you use it? Bioethanol is alcohol, which means it comes from the fermentation of sugars, just like any other alcohol. It is made from industrialized crops such as corn, sorghum, wheat, and sugar cane, and in some cases, it comes from forestry byproducts such as wood pulp and sawdust.

However, just because it is alcohol doesn't mean you'd want to drink it. Bioethanol is denatured alcohol, meaning that it’s been mixed with additives, which would make it toxic and unpleasant to drink—but it does make for excellent fuel. Since it derives from industrial crops, it is renewable and biodegradable as well as inexpensive and plentiful. People have used it as a traditional fuel additive for years, augmenting the performance of regular gasoline and reducing emissions.

If you've had a traditional fireplace, you may have had to deal with the unfortunate side effects: piles of ash to be removed, soot on the windows, or the dreaded build-up of dangerously flammable resins inside the chimney itself. It's a constant maintenance hassle that never ends, with only dubious benefits to be gained.

By burning cleanly and efficiently, bio-ethanol fireplaces remove all those concerns. It burns completely, producing only a little bit of carbon dioxide and water as byproducts. This means that you'll never have to worry about your chimney because you won't have one. Bioethanol is the perfect fuel.

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9 How to safely use a bioethanol fireplace

Only Bioethanol fuel is suitable for a bioethanol fireplace. It is extremely dangerous to use Bioethanol car fuel, other liquid or gel fuels (gasoline, diesel, petrol, lighter fluids, solvents, thinners, etc.), or solid fuels (paper, cardboard, wood, charcoal, lighting cubes, etc.) or a mix of fuels. Ensure that the steel burner box and all parts of the bio fire housing are EMPTY, cold, clean, and dry before filling with the Bioethanol fuel.

Bioethanol fireplaces and steel burner boxes should always be placed on a stable, flat, horizontal surface and away from any combustible materials.  Can you place a bio-ethanol fire on a tabletop? Potentially yes, but you need to ensure it’s isolated and stable. Never position the fire in a location where there is a risk of wind blowing the fire into flammable items or materials. When fitting your fire, we suggest at least 60 cm ethanol fireplace clearance around the body of the fire and ensure all flammable materials are out of reach of the fireplace. Do not use the bioethanol fireplace and its steel burner box near flammable items such as curtains, fabrics, furniture, aerosol sprays, or other flammable items. Ensure all flammable items are at least 2 meters from the fire and ensure there is an ethanol fire extinguisher nearby to put out your bioethanol fire.

Fill the steel burner box with the Biofuel only to the max line indicated on the burner box. Never overfill the steel burner box beyond the ‘Max’ level. Always light the fire by using an extended taper or refillable bioethanol fire safety lighters and light at arm's length, ensuring there is no risk of clothes or hair catching alight. The Biofuel you buy from us comes in squeezable bottles, which reduces the chance of potential spillages. If you are trying to fill the bioethanol firebox from a bottle without a squeezy nozzle, then we recommend you use a simple funnel to allow you to pour the biofuel and thus reduce spillages. If however, there is a spillage of fuel, then always ensure you mop it up (using a clean sponge or paper towel, etc) before lighting the bio fire.  The fire is meant for use as a secondary heat source and is not suitable for cooking food or boiling water.

Do Bioethanol Fires Need Ventilation?

  • You should not use your bio fire in caravans, boats, vehicles, or in unventilated rooms.
  • Do not use it as a multi-burner or open fire or use any other liquid or solid combustible materials or other fuel types.
  • Do not operate if under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or prescribed medication.
  • Do not place paper, cardboard, fabric, clothing, or any other flammable materials on, or around, the burner.
  • Do not leave any bottles of bioethanol or lighters on or near the fireplace shelf.
  • Do not use near-flammable gas.

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10 How long does ethanol fireplace fuel last 

Bioethanol fireplaces burn bioethanol fuel to produce heat and real flames using real fire.

Bioethanol fuel is stored within the fuel box of a bioethanol fireplace and further fuel cannot be added during a fire. A bioethanol fireplace fire must be extinguished, and the fireplace must be sufficiently cool to be able to add more fuel.

This means that bioethanol fireplaces will have a typical burn time before some downtime is required to allow for safe refueling.

Bioethanol fireplaces will typically burn for 10 hours for a pack full of fuel stored within the fuel box. Larger fuel capacity fireplaces can burn for longer in between refueling but may burn fuel at a quicker rate.


11 How often do fireplaces need to be cleaned 

1. The burner surfaces must be cleaned regularly. Use warm water and washing-up liquid.

2. Check the sliding cover of the burner for warp or damage before using.

3. Marks can be best removed with a soft cloth and a mixture of lukewarm water and a small amount of cleaning liquid (ph-neutral). We recommend cleaning the stainless steel items regularly to prevent contamination.


12 How to light an ethanol fireplace

If you love traditional fireplaces, an ethanol fireplace will give you the real flame ambiance you crave without the smoke, soot, or odor associated with wood burning. They are also cleaner and much simpler to operate; just fill the burner with liquid fuel than light. Here are more win-wins:​

Since they do not require a vent, they do not need to be installed into your home's structure.

They are portable so they can be placed anywhere in your home. Don't have a lot of floor space? A wall-mounted, or tabletop ethanol fireplace won't eat up precious square footage.

To use an ethanol fireplace, first, click the button on the gate, add an appropriate amount of ethanol to the fireplace according to safe operation, and then close the gate. After adding fuel, press and hold the key for five seconds to hear the sound, that is, the signal that the ethanol fire has been turned on, and wait for the flame to burn.

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13 Which fireplace is best for the environment

We are left wondering what we can do to stay warm in our homes with the cooler weather and the holiday season fast approaching. . Is there a way to bring the warmth and style of a fireplace into your home without giving up much space, paying a hefty price tag, or settling for a fake-looking electric fireplace? Tabletop bioethanol fireplaces are the perfect solution. There are many advantages to choosing a Ventless Tabletop Fireplace.

Great for Small Spaces like Apartments and Small Homes

If you lack the space for a large wood-burning or gas fireplace but still want the ambiance and warmth of a fireplace, Tabletop Fireplace Fuel is the perfect solution. They are usually small enough to fit on an end table or nightstand. If a tabletop is more extensive, it can place on the dining table, the coffee table, or the kitchen counter.

Tabletop Fireplaces Give Off Heat

They may look small, but they produce plenty of heat. They are cozy when placed on an end table or coffee table beside you. The ambiance the fireplace provides is an excellent addition to date night or family night.

Great Standard Fireplace Alternative

Because wood-burning and gas fireplaces can take up a lot of space and require more maintenance, these little ethanol fireplaces are a great alternative. With these beauties, you won't have to worry about sweeping chimneys or to increase your gas bill.

Bio-Ethanol Fuel Fireplaces Are Eco-Friendly

Free-standing Ethanol Fireplace ensures that these fireplaces are environmentally friendly. All you have to do is pour the energy in and light it up for a couple of hours of enjoyment and warmth. . Check out our other indoor and outdoor décor options at Art Fireplace Technology Limited. 

Ethanol heaters are a great way to heat up your home in the winter, and they are an environmentally friendly choice. The Essential Guide to Ethanol Fireplaces is your authoritative guide to the many benefits of ethanol fireplaces. Learn what a fireplace adds to any home, how they work, and why they are so popular.

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