Flame Adjustable Ethanol Fire

Looking for new Adjustable Flame Ethanol Fireplaces?

Luckily, the Art-Fireplace Adjustable Flame Ethanol Fireplaces along with plenty of home decor, accessories, and furnishings so you can personalize your home to your unique style. Shop from the latest trends to create an oasis in your home with your favorite mix of styles, fabrics, textures, features, and more that will bring comfort, and functionality into your space.

Ethanol fireplaces are not only more efficient, but they are environmentally friendly in other ways as well. For starters, they dont produce any type of waste, and they help you to have healthier indoor air quality. You dont have to worry about any nasty chemicals filling the air in your home because ethanol is completely plant-based and environmentally friendly.

Flame Adjustable Ethanol Fire 1

The beauty of ethanol (or biofuel) fireplaces, is that 100% of the heat generated, stays in your room! Absolutely NO heat loss, resulting in a 100% efficient and all-around green product to help keep your home or business warm! Most of ArtFireplace Electric Ethanol Fires are also adjustable, which allows you to control the heat output of your fireplace! Something that can not be performed with wood, gas, or electric products, and most other ethanol fireplace manufacturers. Using patented technology, you can rest assured that your fireplace will be efficient for years to come!

With Flame Regulated Fire Models, with different outputs, the ethanol fires can be suitable for different spaces.

The fireplaces have different flame heights: High Flame, Medium Flame, and Low Flame total of 3 stages of Flames. With Different heights, people can use it easily.

Flame Adjustable Ethanol Fire 2

Adjustable Ethanol Fireplace also decouples flame from heat, so you can have the visual appeal of the flame without heat - so a fire can be enjoyed all year long and is safe than any ethanol fires, so you eliminate the liability. When your guest wants to take the chill off, supplemental heat is available at the push of a button, or we have the option to disable heat on installation.

Flame Adjustable Ethanol Fire 3

About Art Fireplace Technology

Since 2007 The ArtFireplace has been creating unique, eco-friendly, ethanol fireplaces. ArtFireplace Team designers and engineers have continued to set the highest standards of bio-ethanol burning fireplaces in the industry with custom designs and record-breaking innovations. The ArtFireplace has gained great popularity among home builders, hotels/resorts, and designers.

Flame Adjustable Ethanol Fire

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