100% Safe 3D Water fireplaces: have you ever seen water that burns?


A beautiful fireplace adds a glow, and a warm ambiance to any room, home, or business. Some people view the ash, smoke, and carbon emissions of live fireplaces as a drawback and opt for other options instead.

The first time you witness an electric water vapor fireplace or steam fireplace, you can’t believe your eyes. It’s incredible: the flames are cold yet seem perfectly real. You can even adjust their speeds, heights, and colors. They’re made up of very fine plumes of water vapor lit by LEDs. You can touch them and run your fingers through them. You can even adjust the color with your smartphone's built-in water vapor fireplace to create colorful flames that are red, blue, green, etc.  Go ahead and press the remote control of your steam fireplace. These ecological and environmentally friendly flames are magical and don’t create any humidity or condensation!

100% Safe 3D Water fireplaces: have you ever seen water that burns? 1

The water vapor fireplaces have colorful cold flames that are cool to the touch. Ultrafine cold flames water vapor fireplace with no danger or constraints.

The 3D fireplace presents no danger so there’s no need to worry. A water vapor fireplace can be installed anywhere, either in a city apartment or a country house; there are absolutely no constraints. The ultrafine dry smoke produces spectacular water vapor fire!

100% Safe 3D Water fireplaces: have you ever seen water that burns? 2

For places open to the public or the hospitality sector, where hot flames may pose a problem, the Water Vapor Electric Fireplaces offer new opportunities for interior designers. You can imagine installing a water vapor fireplace anywhere. This is the perfect contemporary modern fireplace to put in a bedroom or hotel lobby, restaurant, trendy bar, or fashionable club. These cold flame inserts can also be installed in a fitness gym or spa, a window or storefront, etc. They attract the eye, giving life to spaces, and creating a sensation of depressing well-being. The installation possibilities are endless.

100% Safe 3D Water fireplaces: have you ever seen water that burns? 3

Custom Water Vapor Fireplaces

A water vapor fireplace insert or firebox can be used with your existing fireplace and mantle. Electric fireplace inserts are the easiest way to customize your living room without expensive renovations. However, if you are starting from scratch or renovating, look for a built-in water vapor fireplace to add to your home. The finished look is incredibly chic.


Eco-friendly and Save money

Water vapor fireplaces are wallet-friendly and eco-friendly. Costing only pennies to run, water vapor fireplaces can be plugged into a standard outlet. Since water vapor fireplaces do not burn ethanol, propane, or other fuels, they maintain a clean environment in your home. See a comparison of different heating sources here: Heating Efficiency Put to the Test: Wood, Electric, and Gas Fireplaces.

100% Safe 3D Water fireplaces: have you ever seen water that burns? 4

Completely Safe And Eco-friendly Fireplace
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