Talk About the Fireplace (3) -the Development History of the Fireplace in My Country

Figure 1) During the Stone Age, the first ancient residents always set up a fire pond in the center of the house, which is the core area of the whole family's activity. It shows effective thermal radiation on the surroundings. Design, with tripods, trings and iron pots, etc. It is better to warm up, or to remove the beasts. It is undeniable that the custom of this circular fire, whether in the East and the West, there are, but the fire pond has developed into a fireplace in the West (as shown in Figure 1), and in our country, in our country Then it develops into a folklore prevailed among the southwestern nation (as shown in Figure 2).

Figure 2) In the middle of the 8th century, the Arabs brought the brightness of the Tang Empire through the Silk Road to Europe in the Dark Age, and brought hope to the Renaissance; in the early 16th century, foreigners in the Qing Dynasty brought the first place The collision of the second Chinese and Western culture; after 1840, Europe forcibly broke the barriers of China with force. On the other hand, this paved a brand new path for China and the West. The friction collision is the foundation.

1. Sybility: 1840-1949

Talk About the Fireplace (3) -the Development History of the Fireplace in My Country 1

The development period of the fireplace is completely consistent with the timeline of modern Chinese architecture. The concept of modern Chinese architectural history was proposed by Mr. Hu Sheng in 1980. From 1900 to 1937, different architectural styles poured into China, shaping its unique architectural landscape. During this period, Western colonists established houses with different styles in ports like Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, and Shanghai. They introduced fireplaces from various Western styles to China, leaving a strong influence on Chinese architecture.

2. Transition: 1949-1978

After the establishment of the New China in 1949, China looked to the Soviet Union as its elder brother in political, economic, cultural, artistic, and social aspects. Many Soviet experts visited China during this era, including architects and interior designers who promoted neoclassicism. Soviet staff working in China influenced the architectural patterns with their relief designs. However, the fireplace remained stagnant during this time due to the dominant political characteristics in design.

3. Fast Development: 1978-Present

Following the economic reforms of 1978, China transitioned from a state of simple imitation to chaotic development in interior design. Chinese designers began incorporating elements from various countries to cater to diverse preferences while integrating traditional and modern features. This period witnessed a rapid development of fireplaces in China. The Western home soul made its way into Chinese households, resulting in unique blends of oriental and Western styles. However, China still lags behind the West in terms of fireplace promotion, and there is a clear need for increased availability and awareness. Art Fireplace has played a crucial role in this regard by providing pictures and technical support, offering a platform for fireplace knowledge to be shared.

The history of fireplaces in China spans thousands of years, from the Stone Age to modern times. Fireplaces have evolved from simple fire ponds to become a significant element in Chinese architectural design. The influences of the East and West, as well as political and cultural transitions, have shaped the development of fireplaces in China. Today, Chinese interior design reflects a fusion of traditional values and modernity, with fireplaces serving as a bridge between Western and Eastern aesthetics. As economic development and global exchanges continue to flourish, fireplaces in China are becoming increasingly diverse in terms of styles and fuel types. The journey of the Chinese fireplace is ongoing, as homeowners and designers alike embrace this unique and elegant addition to interior spaces.

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