Top Picks: Water Vapor Electric Fireplaces

A beautiful fireplace adds a glow, and a warm ambiance to any room, home, or business. Some people view the ash, smoke, and carbon emissions of live fireplaces as a drawback and opt for other options instead.

These alternative options include electric fireplaces or bio-ethanol fireplaces, which are eco-friendly and alluring. At Art Fireplace, We pride ourselves on being the experts in electric water vapor fireplaces and bio-ethanol fireplaces for your home and businesses. Today, we’re going to cover the trendy water vapor fireplace, which is powered by electricity and steam.

Top Picks: Water Vapor Electric Fireplaces 1

Is the vapor that’s emitted safe?

The water itself is cool to the touch, which makes water vapor fireplaces ideal for families and businesses. So it is 100% safe. Art water vapor fireplaces do not have a heating element but create dancing lifelike flames to enjoy every day.


Eco-friendly and Save money

Water vapor fireplaces are wallet-friendly and eco-friendly. Costing only pennies to run, water vapor fireplaces can be plugged into a standard outlet. Since water vapor fireplaces do not burn ethanol, propane, or other fuels, they maintain a clean environment in your home. See a comparison of different heating sources here: Heating Efficiency Put to the Test: Wood, Electric, and Gas Fireplaces.


Custom Water Vapor Fireplaces

A water vapor fireplace insert or firebox can be used with your existing fireplace and mantle. Electric fireplace inserts are the easiest way to customize your living room without expensive renovations. However, if you are starting from scratch or renovating, look for a built-in water vapor fireplace to add to your home. The finished look is incredibly chic.

Top Picks: Water Vapor Electric Fireplaces 2

Since water vapor fireplaces do not need to vent, they can be placed nearly anywhere, with two or more sides exposed. Water cassettes can be used together to create a long fireplace wall. Your fireplace will be completely unique to your home.


2022 Top Picks: Water Vapor Electric Fireplaces

Special features like realistic logs, remote-control flames, and crackling effects add to the cozy ambiance. Each fireplace in our collection has been selected for quality, features, and beauty.

Top Picks: Water Vapor Electric Fireplaces 3


About Art Fireplace Technology Limited.

Since 2007 The Art Fireplace has been creating unique, eco-friendly, intelligent fireplaces. Art Fireplace Team designers and engineers have continued to set the highest standards of bio ethanol burning fireplaces, and 3d water vapor fireplaces in the industry with custom designs and record-breaking innovations. The Art Fireplace has gained great popularity among home builders, hotels/resorts, and designers.

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