Great Idea to Choose An Intelligent Ethanol Fireplace

Great Idea to Choose An Intelligent Ethanol Fireplace 1

If you love the idea of a fireplace but want to have total control over the look, size, and design, then you may want to consider an ethanol fireplace insert. Regular ethanol fireplaces are typically standalone units that can be used right after they’re set up. In contrast, fireplace inserts are usually installed into a custom surround. 

Apart from this one differentiating factor, ethanol fireplace inserts boast the same benefits as any other type of ventless fireplace. You’ll enjoy easy setup and installation, an affordable and renewable fuel source, and zero emissions other than water and nominal amounts of carbon dioxide. No costly gas lines or ongoing chimney maintenance. No messy ashes, soot, or logs to tidy up. No vents or flues to install. No smoke marks to clean off the walls. Just clean-burning fuel that will help you create a warm and inviting atmosphere anywhere you install your insert. 

Designing Your Fireplace Insert Surround The number one benefit of ethanol fireplace inserts is the flexibility they provide. You can actually use a fireplace insert without a surround – for example, if you’re retrofitting an existing fireplace. We carry zero clearance fireplace inserts that allow you to simply insert your fireplace into a standard building frame or fireplace with no additional construction needed. But many people will design a surround that matches their décor or furniture. For example, you can use fireplace inserts to serve as a divider between two rooms, like a master bath and bedroom. Or you can insert your fireplace into a piece of furniture, such as a wall-mounted entertainment unit or even a coffee table. The ideas are truly endless – create a frame of fire around a bathtub, or cut an alcove into a hallway for a panel of heat and light as you move between spaces.

Commercial applications for fireplace inserts are vast – and one of the most popular choices to outfit a restaurant, bar, spa, hotel lobby, or even a patio. You may have noticed ethanol inserts forming a border around a seating area, for example, or creating a hypnotic wall of fire in a relaxing setting like a spa waiting room. One neat aspect of fireplace inserts is the ability to choose how many sides of your fireplace are exposed. For example, you can create a completely open fireplace, or you can enclose it on one or multiple sides for a more traditional look. The materials that you use to surround your ethanol fireplace insert are incredibly versatile as well. Rocks, stones, metal, cast iron, and tile are just a few examples. As long as the material is fire-proof or a safe clearance for your insert is achieved, it’s easy to create a unique, stylish surround that allows your fireplace to fit seamlessly with your overall room design and décor. Fireplace Insert Sizes and Styles Another aspect of fireplace inserts that you can customize is the actual size of your fireplace.

Many fireplace manufacturers have the ability to link up their fireplace insert units, including with uniquely shaped pieces like a corner insert. Alternatively, you can work with Modern Ethanol Fireplaces to design a custom insert that can be manufactured to the exact size and length that you’re looking for. The actual shape of your fireplace insert can vary as well. Some fireplace inserts have a long narrow wall of fire-type effect, while others may be a more boxy shape or even round. In general, there is nominal variation between the width of the fireplace burner, although each manufacturer offers a slightly different profile. In general, the length of your fireplace and the intensity you set the flames too will gauge how much heat the fireplace will produce. 

Looking for even more customization? Most fireplace inserts are made from a heavy gauge stainless steel to ensure long-term durability, but if you want to change the look, you’ve got lots of options.Choose from hundreds of RAL powder coating colors to find the perfect hue to complement or pop in your overall room designs.

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